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We are experts in streamlining and scaling healthcare services.

At Apollo XCM, we believe in the power of clear communication for successful data management. Our dedicated team operates globally, breaking down geographical barriers.

We ensure prompt and transparent communication, building a partnership founded on efficiency and trust.

Apollo XCM (AXCM) has 20+ years of experience in medical and management services. We understand the challenges independent
physician associations face in the modern healthcare landscape including declining reimbursement, increasing overhead, and the

Why Most Practices
Choose Apollo XCM?

These individuals understand the complexities of private health insurance plans and can help patients choose the right plan for their needs. They can also advise on navigating claims and appeals processes.

Our technical team works with you during the onboarding process to insure a seamless integration with your systems and platforms. The team is tech-savvy and knowledgeable in several different applications and software, including EMRs, CRM platforms, and communication applications.

We implement internal controls for security, confidentiality, processing, integrity, privacy, and availability of customer / patient data.

Collaborate with clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their workflows and documentation requirements, ensuring effective communication and alignment of objectives. Work closely with internal teams to identify areas for process improvement, streamlining existing procedures, and enhancing overall efficiency. 

All Apollo XCM employees work onsite from our secured offices. Work from home is against company policy. We are in the same time zone as US central time. Employee shifts can be tailored depending on our client's needs, local clinic hours etc.

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Our Team

Meet Our Experienced
Team Member

Lance Rosser


Uday Khosla

Chief Medical Officer

Santiago Velasquez

Client Relationship Manager

Maria Jose Parra

Remix Medical Team Leader

Maria Fernanda Quintero

HR Team Leader

Mauricio Delgado

Training Team Leader
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